Wellness Trips / Yoga Retreats

Wellness Trips / Yoga Retreats

There is no better opportunity to connect with nature, people, and yourself without sacrificing comfort or luxury than to travel to the most illustrious destinations on earth. A trip to Patagonia will bring you to the majesty of Patagonia’s pure White Mountains and icy blue lakes, as well as to idyllic Colombian islands and black sand Icelandic beaches. Travel the world as you enrich your being.

In a serene environment surrounded by healing nature, you can rejuvenate your body and mind through yoga, meditation, and exploration. Take in the unending energy of the people of the world. Learn from their culture and give your body different nutrition as you experience foods made with love and respect for the earth from which they came. Return home full of newfound energy and excitement for the precious experiences the natural world will offer.

All Tours and Trips come with morning and afternoon yoga sessions (Optional)




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