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Dale Rowley

daleDale Rowley is a Yoga, TRX, RIP, kettlebell, instructor and personal trainer. Dale was raised in Marin County, California. In 2006, she studied studio art and art history at UC Davis, where she started teaching Yoga. She has completed her 200 hour teacher training program with YogaFit and has started the journey to complete her 500 hour. In 2013 Dale became certified to teach kettlebells, TRX GroupSuspension, and TRX Group RIP. In 2014 Dale completed a 500 hour personal training program with NPTI, National Personal Training Institute. In 2015 Dale became NASM, National Association of Sports Medicine, certified.

Licenses & Certifications: 200-hour Teacher Training Program, YogaFit. 500-hour Teacher Training Program, NPTI, National Personal Training Institue. NASM, certified. Balancing the Chakras with Layne Redmond,Kripalu. Group Exercise Instructor Certification, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Current CPR/AED Certification.

Pernile Halbro

pernilleI’m a mother of 2 lovely boys, Frederik 16 and Oliver 13 whom I adore and am very proud of.

I have always lived on the healthier side but after battling chronic fatigue for 3 years I knew something had to change. After a lot of self-study to find the root cause of the disease and using holistic approaches I’m today back 100%. Through my experience I became even more aware of how important it is to keep the balance between the body, mind and spirit. I practice it daily by walking, running and playing tennis. Taking time for me to reconnect to my inner guide. Tennis is my absolute passion as I enjoy the social aspect as much as the personal goal to continue challenging myself to do better. Gardening is where I get to relax my mind and be in harmony with nature. The smell of the dirt and seeing the result sprout over time. Priceless.

As a Dreambuilder coach I love to see the transformation that happens once my clients understand that they are indeed deserving of living the life they LOVE! All breathing beings are deserving!!! I support my clients in discovering their longing/discontent and get clear about the vision/dream they have so we can build the bridge over the gap to actually achieve/live their vision/dream. By my continued support in the process my clients overcome their paradigms so they can reach their full potential and happiness of life. I have a tested and proven system that works!

Mike Tolla

mikePersonal Trainer since 1994
2nd Degree Black in Kyokushin Karate
Certifications in Martial Arts, Conditioning, Fitness Therapy, and Fitness for older adults.
Owner/Operator of IKU Norwalk Kyokushin Karate Dojo
Climbed Mt. Marcy, NY 8/2011 and 8/2015
Cascade Mtn, NY 8/2015
Mt. Washington, NH 8/2008
Mt. Mansfield, VT 8/2013
Mt. Greylock, MA 8/2013
Mt. Katahdin, ME 8/2010
Bear Mtn, NY 2009. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014



Elise Martin

elyse-2Master Yoga teacher
Certified personal trainer
Lifelong biker, hiker, skier, adventurer

Elise’s favorite vacations include a beautiful location, great meals, friends, excercise and sports and the exhilaration of leaving home. “No matter how great home is, we all need change and the opportunity to grow personally!” Namaste